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The Milesian Restaurant Castlegregory – Modern dining in a traditional setting…

A well known building in the heart of the village, the Milesian Restaurant is a small white traditional stone cottage which oozes charm and personality. If you meet the right man on the right day and he will tell you enough stories(each better than the last) about the former goings on in this place to fill two books, but that’s all in the past now. Each summer for the last few years it has been taken over by head chef Greg O’Mahoney who has turned it into one of the most unique restaurants in Kerry and a must try for anyone visiting the Castlegreory area.

Walking along the street you can’t help but be attracted by the exterior of the building, it’s white stonewashed walls, green sash windows and hand painted wooden sign lure you in and you just have to take a gander inside. Once in you’re greeted by the large open fire which is burning away(typical Irish summer, fire in July), the white stone washed walls continue on the inside and are dotted with artwork of the local area. The tables are covered in green table cloth topped with glass which protect old photos and newspaper clippings relating to Castlegregory, the whole place is filled with little quirky trinkets and pictures that you spend the first few minutes taking it all in. The staff are warm and welcoming and greet you with a basket of freshly baked bread as you sit down, which is always a great start.

For starter I went with the Flash Fried Calamari with Black Pepper, Harissa, Lemon Aioli and Cherry Tomato. The dish arrives and is presented beautifully with a modern simplicity and elegance that you’d think would be totally out of place in such a traditional setting but it’s just enhanced by its surroundings. The calamari was perfectly cooked and tender with a light and crispy batter, the contrast of the lemon aioli and harissa with the calamari is just right with no one flavour dominating the plate. A great start to the meal.

After this I had a second starter(don’t judge me) which has just been added to the menu, Citrus Cured Turbot with Cucumber Caviar, Lime Jelly and White Asparagus. The presentation of this dish is a thing of sheer beauty, strips of cured turbot topped with cucumber caviar, cubes of cucumber and lime jelly, it’s almost a shame to disturb them. The turbot is so delicately cured it melts almost as soon as you put it in your mouth, you get a lovely hint of the citrus before the freshness of the caviar comes in and then from nowhere you get hit by this amazing tangy lime taste from the jelly. For me the lime jelly is the outstanding part of this dish and it ties the whole thing together to make a beautifully light and refreshing starter.

For mains I decided to leave the sea and head back to dry land for the Pork Steak with Hay Smaked mash, Braised leeks and Onion Piperade. This was everything I like on my dinner plate, beautifully moist and tender pork steak oozing flavour, the hay smoked mash was soft and creamy with just a hint of smokiness that worked perfectly with the meat. The side of braised leek was a lovely accompaniment along with a little dot of what I’m almost sure was celeriac puree. Everything in the dish just worked to make a heart-warming and scrummy main course.

Lastly for dessert I had to have the Strawberry Meringue. The beauty of this dish is all in its simplicity, crispy but chewy meringue topped with sweet whipped cream and surrounded by fresh strawberries. It’s a classic combination that needs no messing about. The perfect ending to a lovely meal.

The Milesian is a very special place in which you can enjoy amazingly prepared modern cuisine in the wonderfully warm atmosphere of the old Irish cottage. From the quirkiness of the building to the fact that while I was there the waiter was bringing food across the road to the pub opposite for people enjoying their pints and didn’t want to move, you can’t help but enjoy the relaxed easy going atmosphere of the place. It’s a jewel in Castlegregory’s crown and needs to be sampled to be appreciated.

I ate from the Early Bird Menu which is 2 courses for €13 or 3 courses for €16

To check out the menus go to:

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2 comments on “The Milesian Restaurant Castlegregory – Modern dining in a traditional setting…

  1. sani panini

    Looks like the cutest place ever!!

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