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Good old Macaroni and Cheese :)

Earlier this week I was in a restaurant in Manchester and the person at the table beside me ordered Mac and Cheese and ever since seeing it arrive at her … Continue reading

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What happened when Eamon Keegan looked away!!


The nation holds it’s breath…

And we did, I put my head in my hands and then buried my face in the sofa as Dave O’Leary placed the ball on the spot and George Hamilton … Continue reading

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Pork and Potato Curry :)

If I’m to be totally honest about this one it was an accident, it could have turned out awful but luckily it didn’t. It was kind of a mish mash … Continue reading

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Chargrilled Pork Chop with an easy Ratatouille :)

Today was one of those days, I got up early and headed out to do a few bits which took a lot longer than I expected and on top of … Continue reading

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A whatever’s in the cupboard chorizo pasta soupy thing of tastiness :)

It’s bloody miserable in Kerry today and I just wasn’t in the form to go out in the rain to get something for dinner, so I decided it was going … Continue reading

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There’ll be steaks like this :)

You just can’t beat a nice piece of steak! Today for dinner I cooked a lovely cut of sirloin steak(rare of course), served it on onion and chive potato cake … Continue reading

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